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Expert Antique Glass Restoration If you are searching for antique glass restoration services, you obviously are reading this because you have a stake in learning all you can before entrusting your prized possession to a restoration professional. You may wonder if the piece you have can be restored, what it will cost, and more importantly, will the results justify the time and cost to have it restored.

Why not hire the professionals at Dean Schulefand & Associates, who have been restoring antique glass for over 30 years. Dean Schulefand & Associates can restore ANY antique glass item, no matter how badly it is worn or broken. We are one of the only antique glass repair companies that has 30 years of experience with satisfied customers in the US and internationally.

Whether your piece is an antique glass vase, figurine, pitcher, plate, chandelier, antique glass bottle (antique medicine, etc), glass art of any kind, or anything else made of glass, a little information can help lead you in the right direction.

Throughout the years, glass production has called for the essentially the same recipe, whose formula reads as Si02 (silicon dioxide), mixed with Na2 (sodium oxide), and C02 (calcium oxide) heated to above 1,000º F, melting the mixture into the amorphous translucent structure we know as glass. Technically, glass is quartz sand (known as silica), bonding with oxygen atoms under extreme heat mixing with calcium oxide and sodium carbonate. The latter two used for lowering the temperature needed to melt the silica and stabilize the molecular structure in the product.

In nature, there are constant events such as volcanic activity where silica is present producing “nature’s glass”, and even lightning striking the earth contacting silica sand will produce glass structures. It may indeed have been from humans witnessing one of these types of natural phenomenons, & observing the result after the dust settled that lead to the beginning of the glass age.

However, [man] got the idea to start producing and working with glass, shortly thereafter other elements were added to produce color and brilliance (such as lead). Swarovski Leaded Glass pieces are among the most famous examples of modern leaded glass. Originally lead oxide was introduced (where sodium carbonate later was used) to allow a lower (coal) furnace temperature to melt the silica, before modern furnaces were manufactured that could consistently operate at higher temperatures. The result of lead glass was a glass the world had never seen before (think chandelier pendalogues, or prisms glowing & shimmering as light passes through them). In time, many other techniques and materials have helped artisans at such companies as Swarovski, Lenox, Steuben, Wedgewood and many others produce priceless works of art.

Why would Dean Schulefand & Associates feel it important to provide a primer in glassmaking when you most likely came here for restoration advice, or pricing? Because we feel you should know that there are good reasons to trust your antique glass repairs ONLY to those who have more that a passing knowledge of how your piece was [originally] made, no matter the era it came from. You want someone you can trust to bring it back to 100% restored. You want a company that knows how to historically date your item with accuracy, repair any breaks or cracks using resins that will NOT be detectable.

Dean Schulefand & Associates knows how to restore any antique glass item, we also employ methods allowing us to guarantee our antique glass repairs and restoration…to the extent they will pass the test of touch, sight, even blacklight inspection in most cases, where cracks and breaks were repaired in the process.

Antique Glass restoration is what we do! We specialize in the restoration of all types of antique glass. Dean Schulefand is one of a very few professionals in the USA experienced in antique glass restoration. All Dean Schulefand & Associates antique glass restoration services are 100% unconditionally lifetime guaranteed. Let us show you why we are the best!

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