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Belleek Pottery is one of Northern Ireland’s oldest pottery companies. When John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited his father’s estate in 1849, he wanted to find a way for it to earn him money. Bloomfield was an amateur mineralogist, so he had a geological study completed of the land. The survey proved the land was rich in clay, feldspar, flint kaolin, and shale, all the raw materials necessary to make pottery. Soon Bloomfield setup a company in Rose Isle, Belleek, which was an ideal location because a watermill assisted with grinding the raw materials into slip.

By 1858, highly skilled craftsmen were making a variety of domestic wares including tableware, pestles, mortars and floor tiles. Quickly Belleek achieved international recognition stretching from Ireland all the way to America and Australia, and orders were coming in from Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales.

By the 1870s, Belleek’s catalogue featured Parian pieces including china statues and busts, ice buckets and centerpieces. It wasn’t until after the Second War World War that Belleek focused its efforts exclusively on Parian. Recently, Belleek has diversified its offerings to include contemporary gift and casual dining collections. In addition to Ireland, Belleek china has been produced in other European countries and the United States.

Early Belleek designs include pierced works known for pierced work. These prestigious pieces feature handmade leaves, flowers and beading. Belleek is known for a creamy yellow glaze, but their mark has changed fourteen times throughout the years.

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