Ceramic Restoration by China and Crystal Repair

Ceramic Restoration by China and Crystal Repair Are you in need of Ceramic Restoration services? Ceramic restoration is available through China and Crystal Repair. We are professionals in the restoration of all types of ceramic items to include: antiques, family hierlooms, figurines, dolls, decorative plates, dinnerware, bowls, vases, platters, ornaments, statues, sculptures, objects d'Art as well as these brands: Deldare, Delft, Flow Blue, Fulper, Goebel, Grueby, Hummel, Majolica, Roseville, Satsuma, Staffordshire, Wedgwood and anything else ceramic.

Dean Schulefand is one of a very few gurus in the US who is experienced in ceramic restoration. He is personally involved in the restoration of every piece to assure consistent and excellent results.

Our ceramic restorations are 100% unconditionally lifetime - guaranteed.

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