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China & Crystal Repair EstimateThere has been much written about the history of porcelain china, its origins, and the many valuable examples that have been produced over the past 4,000 years. Only in the last century has restoration become as popular and (from a preservation perspective), as important as it is today.

In general terms, chinaware, fine china, or porcelain (taking its name from the Italian word Porcellana, describing the translucent shell of certain sea snails), begins as a collection of clays heated to over 2,100º F producing a bonding of molecules into a glass-like material that has a life and look all its own. Varieties of methods have been employed to decorate products over the years; each has their own intricate methods and procedures producing dramatic results, yet requiring special skills to restore.

Although delicate, it can last forever if cared for. Repair & restoration to damaged china is not only possible, but is approved by collectors and historians, as well as insurance agencies for valuing purposes, if it is done by a quality professional and following strict rules of restoration.

Since fine china can last forever, there is no limit to the types of damage that can occur to the various pieces of bowls, platters, plates, vases, figurines and art objects made of this material. The level of artisanship required to restore a classic piece often must match, or surpass, that which was required to produce the piece. Therefore, there is an ever-increasing demand for knowledgeable artisans, for those seeking to have their fine china restored.

Dean Schulefand & Associates has a long history of taking client projects from initial consultation, to completion with 100% satisfaction. We begin by listening to the details you provide about your particular piece, what your goals and budget are, and provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision regarding restoration and/or repair. We work with you every step of the way on a plan to bring your china piece back to as close to original condition as humanly possible.

Why restore china?

China Restoration Throughout history, porcelain artists have worked to acquire the lifetime skills required to produce works of art. Neglect, accidents, time, and more, can reduce a work of art to a worthless pile of glass. However, by bringing back the strength, shape and detail of a china piece, you can be sure it will show well and its value will be intact. The enhanced every-day display of your china, as well as the insurance valuation will be worth the investment in a quality china restoration.

Can anybody perform quality china restoration?

One may be led to believe that quality china restoration is easy by the plethora of those in the industry. While most repair shops can make something LOOK restored, there is more to the art of porcelain restoration than meets the eye. Moreover, a great degree of knowledge and skill is required to correctly restore the piece itself to its “period” state of originality. Additionally, one must be versed in the decoration methods used as well.

Does it matter when & where my china was made?

Yes. The period in which a porcelain china item was produced in, which location, along with construction materials, dictate which restoration methods and materials are used to properly restore your piece. For example, if your particular piece was Josiah Spode bone china piece from the late 1800’s you will want someone versed in bone-ash/kaolin ratios. Perhaps yours is a modern piece by Hideaki Miyamura requiring matching his trademark iridescent glazing. American Lenox and Noritake present their own challenges and require unique techniques in order to bring their brilliance back to 100%.

We stand ready with references, examples of our work for some of the most difficult china restorations, and artistically challenging jobs imaginable. We are quite sure you will be thoroughly satisfied whether you are seeking to restore a family heirloom to its original beauty, or you are the curator of a museum full of priceless porcelain china pieces, which require impeccable, painstaking, and legitimate, china restoration.

Dean Schulefand & Associates has over 30 years of experience to back up their 100% satisfaction guarantee on your china restoration project.

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