Crown Derby Repair and Restoration

Crown Derby is one of the oldest remaining English porcelain manufactures. They began production around 1750 and are best known for high-quality bone china, tableware and ornamental items. This family company has worked under several names including Derby, Crown Derby, and Royal Crown Derby porcelains. In 1890, the company added Royal to the title after Queen Victoria appointed them as the “Manufacturers of porcelain to Her Majesty”.

Crown Derby has a history of producing distinct ceramic items. From the beginning, their assortment of objects was known for its lavish decoration. By the turn of the 19th century, the shapes became even larger and more flamboyant and typically feature Japanese or Imari patterns. By the late 19th century, Crown Derby’s products featured raised gilding and piercing, elaborate jewelling and the rich colors of Indian and Persian arts on service plates, vases and ornamental pieces. More recently, in 1981 Crown Derby launched its famous paperweights collection of birds and rabbits, which have developed into one of the most important ranges for collecting in the world.

Crown Derby items have born various marks over the years, but they all follow the same theme of a cypher surmounted by a crown. The crown first appeared on Crown Derby porcelain in 1775 with the permission of King George III. Any item created after 1921 bears the phrase, “Made in England.”

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