Galle Repair and Restoration

In 1874, Emile Galle founded a factory in Nancy, France to create pottery, glass, furniture and other Art Nouveau items. During this period, Galle started using a design process called cameo where he embedded pieces of colored glass into the body of larger pieces of glass. Galle died in 1904, but his company continued production through 1931.

Galle is best known for his cameo glass and enamel-decorated glass, but he also produced pottery, including colorful, grinning cats that were about 10-inches long. The cats featured human expressions and were decorated with flowers and other designs. These cats are considered rare, so they are well sought after by collectors.

Galle used several different marks on throughout the years, including an “E.G., Em. Galle Faiencerie de Nancy,” or simply the Galle signature. The mark is often well hidden in the piece.

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