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In 1871, Franz Detleff and William Goebel founded Goebel. The company was originally known as F&W Goebel. Originally, it made marbles, slates and slate pencils but quickly expanded into porcelain figurines and tableware. When the company transitioned exclusively to Goebel, it started placing a mark featuring a crown above the monogram “WG” on its wares.

Goebel originally made Hummel figurines. Goebel based these figurines on the drawings by Berta Hummel, known as sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, which featured pieces with children at work and play. These original Goebel figurines were marked with the name “Goebel Hummel”. Today Manufaktur Rödental produces Hummel figurines.

Over the years, Goebel has produced one-of-a-kind porcelain, glass and similar materials collectibles. During the 1950s, they produced the Bambi and Friends collection for Walt Disney. Other famous lines created by Goebel include Adam & Ziege, Artis Orbis, Nina & Marco, and Rosina Wachtmeiste. Goebel remains a family-owned and operated business that is still open today.

Dean Schulefand & Associates understands that Goebel is one of the most important porcelain collections worldwide. For over 30 years, Dean Schulefand is one of few specialists in the US who is experienced in Goebel repair and restoration. He is personally involved in the repair and restoration of every facet to ensure the best in quality with excellent results.

Our Goebel repairs and restoration services are 100% unconditionally lifetime guaranteed.

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