Meissen Repair and Restoration

In 1708, Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus was the first European to start creating hard-paste porcelain. He died shortly thereafter, but Johann Friedrich Böttger continued working in this style. In 1710, the Meissen Company began hiring established artists and the famous porcelain manufacturer was born.

In 1720, Johann Gregorius Höroldt became Meissen’s director, and he introduced the brilliant colors that make Meissenwares famous. Under his guidance, Meissen became extremely popular, motivating the company to start placing its mark to protect its wares against the soft-paste porcelains that were common at that time. Its mark—a pair of crossed swords and at times the name “Meissen— is considered one of the oldest trademarks in existence. The Meissen Company is still in business today under the name Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH.

In the early years, Meissen produced small figurines, large-scale animals and tableware. Popular Meissen figurines include cherubs, animal groups and eighteenth century ladies and gentlemen. Of the latter, the "crinoline groups,” or scenes of people dancing or playing instruments are the most sought after by collectors. Meissen was one of the first companies to embrace the rococo style that spread throughout Europe at the time. A few of Meissen’s most famous collectibles are the Swan Service and the Blue Onion pattern, both which are still in production today.

Because so many Meissen pieces were lost during the Dresden bombings, Dean Schulefand & Associates recognizes the unique importance of this collection. For over 30 years, Dean Schulefand is one of few specialists in the US who is experienced in Meissen repair and restoration. He is personally involved in the repair and restoration of every facet to ensure the best in quality with excellent results.

Our Meissen repairs and restoration services are 100% unconditionally lifetime guaranteed.

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