Plates Repair and Restoration

Antique collectors are drawn to the wide choice of possibilities when it comes to plates. These can range from rare European or British plates produced by Derby, Minton or Sevres to stunning decorative plates produced by Doulton or Worcester. Royalty worldwide were the first to collect and display porcelain plates and the pastime continues today. What once was too expensive or rare for anyone but royalty is now available to the commoner.

Examples of the most desired collector plates include Worchester Piscatorial, which features two fish in the center of a deep blue gilt decorated plate complete with a wide border featuring four similarly decorated cartouches, and Swansea Pottery, which features blue paint on creamware with a center landscape of an oriental pagoda, cross-hatched border and blue shaped rim.

Picking up on the trend of collectible plates, companies began producing souvenir plates in the late 19th century. These are made with a transfer printed design and typically commemorate a special event or picturesque landscape. Souvenir plates tend to be done in blues and whites.

Restoring and repairing souvenir and collectible plates has been a passion of Dean Schulefand for years. He brings over 30 years experience in restoring and conserving your collector plates. Dean is one of few specialists in the US who is experienced in plate repair and restoration. He is personally involved in the repair and restoration of every facet to ensure the best in quality with excellent results.

Dean Schulefand & Associates plate repairs and restoration services are 100% unconditionally lifetime guaranteed.

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