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In 1890, J.F. Weaver opened the Roseville Pottery Company in Roseville, Ohio. Two years later, Weaver incorporated the company with George Young and started producing stoneware flowerpots and other practical pottery wares. In 1898, they purchased the Clark Stoneware Company and relocated Roseville Pottery to Zanesville, Ohio.

In the early years, Roseville produced functional earthenware for cooking and storing foods. After seeing the successes of other American potteries in selling functional art ware, Roseville switched its focus to art pottery. Roseville’s first art pottery line was the Rozane line, which is recognizable for its deep, rich red glaze and hand painted animals, nature scenes and portraits. Unlike future Roseville lines, the Rozane line does not have floral designs, matte finishes or any of the modern shaped pieces that became synonymous with this company. The Rozane line is nearly impossible to recreate, so it is one of Roseville’s more distinct lines. The Rozane differs from other Roseville marks and it varied over the years; it featured the words Rozane, RPCo, a round Rozane seal, or round Rozane seal with chevron.

Throughout its early years, Roseville released numerous lines, often with Egyptian, Aztecan and Japanese influences. Other popular Roseville lines included Blackberry, Pinecone and Sunflower. With the Pinecone line, a few new shapes were added each year for 15 years and a total of 75 pinecone shapes were produced. All shapes were in brown, blue and green. Roseville Pottery stopped its production line in 1953.

Most of the early Roseville pottery was simply marked with an 'RV'. In 1931, pieces featured a metallic “Roseville” seal or the Roseville signature. From 1935 to 1940, Roseville pottery pieces were marked with a die-impressed trademark “Roseville and the item’s shape number and size. After 1940, pieces were marked with a raised “Roseville USA and the item’s shape number and size.

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