Satsuma Repair and Restoration

Satsuma is a form of Japanese earthenware pottery that is also known as Satsuma Porcelain. It dates back to the late sixteenth century and is still manufactured today. While the word Satsuma can be used to describe a variety of ware, it often refers to a soft, ivory-colored cracked glaze pottery that features elaborate gold or polychrome decorations. These minute decorations typically include a Japanese figure, detailed oriental landscape or expressive faces. Most pieces are painted in red, orange, green or blue.

Satsuma pottery began when the Shimazu relocated skilled Korean potters to southern Kyushu to create a Japanese pottery industry. It became a popular export to America and Europe after appearing at an international exhibit in Paris in 1867. With Satsuma becoming popular throughout the world, potters sprung up in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya and Yokohama. There are many marks for Satsuma ware, with the most common being a circle with a cross. One distinction of authentic Satsuma ware and fakes is that the real ware does not ring when tapped like normal earthenware.

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