Vases Repair and Restoration

Once the ancient Chinese invented porcelain, vases shortly followed. Both Chinese and Japanese artists quickly mastered the art of making vases out of porcelain and then began adding illustrations of animals, birds, fish and insects. These early vases were completed in cobalt blue because it was the only color available at the time for porcelain painting.

Eventually, vases experienced an explosion of colorful and innovative designs including intricate motifs of scenes from the opera, traditional women fashion or literature. From the seventeenth to twentieth centuries, Chinese vases were classified by their color palette: famille jaune (yellow), famille noire (black), famille rose (mostly pink and purple) and famille verte (green and iron red). Over time, decorating techniques advanced, which brought about enamel decorated vases, crystal vases and glass vases.

Almost no vase is beyond repair. We invisibly restore chips and cracks and can restore, repaint and reglaze missing pieces. We have experience restoring and repairing porcelain, ceramic, pottery, plaster, composite, crystal and glass vases.

Dean Schulefand & Associates specializes in repairing and restoring collectible and heirloom vases. With over 30 years experience, we ensure each piece receives our expert, personal attention. We have experience working with brands like Royal Worcester, Crown Derby, Victorian Royal, Canton Chinese, Japanese Satsuma and Doulton vases.

Dean Schulefand is one of few specialists in the US who is experienced in vase repair and restoration. He is personally involved in the repair and restoration of every facet to ensure the best in quality with excellent results.

Our vase repairs and restoration services are 100% unconditionally lifetime guaranteed.

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